At Mean Bird, we take our chicken seriously. Each piece of our craft fried chicken is dry rubbed with a house mix of herbs and seasonings, sits for 24 hours, and is then hand breaded and fried to order. Our Veggie Bird (the vegan "chicken") gets the same love--it's made from scratch using fresh vegetables, whole grains, herbs & seasonings and also breaded and fried to order. These two staples, our Traditional Fried Chicken and Veggie Bird, are the backbone of our menu. We keep the rest of the menu seasonal to make use of fresh, local ingredients. 

We're still fine tuning the menu of our new shop, but you can expect fried chicken/veggie bird meals AND buckets, sides in small and large sizes, sandwiches, and some new additions like gizzards, and chicken livers. Plus of course, daily specials and desserts. Come on in to 2227 W Main St and let us know what you think! 



Check out the chalkboard menu by the truck or instagram for the latest offerings