Proudly nested in Richmond, VA, Mean Bird was a take out shop, caterer, and food truck serving fried chicken, vegan Veggie Bird (our vegan take on "bird"),  and a seasonal menu.

Richmond natives and restaurant veterans, Mike and Sarah Moore owned and operated Mean Bird from January 2016 to October 2019. Mean Bird began in January of 2016 as a food truck, serving crowds at breweries, festivals and other events. Mean Bird’s brick and mortar location opened at 2227 W. Main Street in June 2017. The Mean Bird shop was open for carry out, delivery, and catering orders 7 days a week. The shop menu featured buckets & meals of fried chicken and vegan Veggie Bird, as well as sides, seasonal specials, fountain sodas, fresh limeades, and desserts!

The Mean Bird Food Truck is no longer booking events

mean bird has traditional fried chicken and vegan veggie bird?

Yes! Our traditional fried chicken is incredible! Each piece of Mean Bird chicken is dry rubbed with a housemade blend of herbs and spices, and sits for 24 hours before service. Each piece is then hand breaded with buttermilk and fried to order. We just love fried chicken so much, we didn't want to leave out our vegetarian and vegan friends. Our vegan Veggie Bird receives the same amount of love. It is NOT a soy-based product or processed fake "meat" substitute (see more below), we make it from scratch. Both our Traditional Fried Chicken and Veggie Bird are available whenever Mean Bird is open.

What is veggie bird?

Veggie Bird is what we call our vegan "bird".  No sad, overly processed, bland fake "meats" at Mean Bird! Veggie Bird is a-made-from-scratch vegan dish (no animal products of any kind) that aims to give vegetarians and vegans the satisfaction of traditional fried chicken. At Mean Bird, vegetarians can look forward to the full fried chicken experience: opening a paper bucket, pulling out a fried drumstick (dip into one of our vegan dipping sauces if you like), and then biting into a crispy coating to reveal amazing flavor and texture inside. Veggie Bird is handmade from fresh vegetables, rice, whole grains, herbs & seasonings, then hand breaded with coconut milk, and fried to order in our totally vegan fryer. No isolated whey protein, no isolated soy protein, no textured vegetable product, no vital wheat gluten (the over-processed ingredients of most meat alternatives on the market today.) Mean Bird's Veggie Bird is NOT a soy-based product or processed fake "meat" substitute. 

is mean bird available to cater special events?

Yes! Mean Bird caters all sorts of private events, and we are currently booking weddings and private events for 2019 and beyond. Our catering options range from delivery of casual family style chicken and sides to full service weddings with custom menus with mulitple courses and the truck on site. Check out our Catering Page for details. Email us at giddyup@meanbirdrva.com to get started.

who is mean bird?

Mike and Sarah Moore are a husband and wife team both born and raised in RVA who want to make and eat amazing food.